Luogo - Religious building

Basilica dello Spirito Santo

Where Via Toledo, Napoli

In 1562 it was built a small church. Between 1572 and 1576 they were carried out extension work under the direction of Pignaloso Cafaro and Giovanni Vincenzo Della Monica. The work lasted until the seventeenth century, under the direction of Simone Moccia, author of the portal. In 1748, Nicola Tagliacozzi Canale designed the sacristy. The facade is sober and impressive, dominated by one of the most elegant domes of the city. The interior consists of a single wide nave, dome and grandstand. On either side of the entrance they are placed the two tombs of Ambrogio Salvio and Paul Spinelli, works by Michelangelo Naccherino. There are also paintings by Francesco De Mura and Fedele Fischetti.

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