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Museo del Novecento

Where via Tito Angelini, 22, Napoli

The museum documents the achievements in Naples during the twentieth century, within the chronological limits indicated in the field of artistic production; in particular, who were applying in those years, primarily or almost exclusively, in painting, sculpture and graphics in various experiments. For this new museum, made intentionally and significantly in the space of the prison of Castel Sant 'Elmo High, were selected and exhibited 170 works by 90 artists from Naples, with the addition of some works by artists not Neapolitan, whose roles several were active in the city '. 'Twentieth century in Naples' is articulated through a chronological divided into sections: the documentation of the Secession of the twenty-three (1909) or the first Futurism in Italy (1910-1914) to the movement of Circumvisionisti and second Futurism (Twenties and Thirties); From the work of what was produced between the two World Wars to the experiences that took place after World War II (1948-1958), Group 'South' to the so-called neo-realism, the group MAC Informal Group or '58. The following are the sections dedicated to the Seventies, with particular reference but not limited to trials Poetic-visual equipment and activities of the groups connected with experiences in the social field. Until the last section, where he documented the work of those who, while continuing to operate after experimenting with 80 different languages, had already established themselves in the city during that decade, before the terrible earthquake of 23 November strike and it marked in the deep realities and perspectives of Naples and other southern areas.

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