Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa di San Nicola alla Carità

Where Via Toledo, Napoli

It was founded in 1647, thanks to a donation of a nobleman of the period. Made on a project Onofrio Antonio Gisolfi, the construction stopped because of the plague that struck the city in 1656, only to be completed in 1682 by Cosimo Fanzago. In the eighteenth century the facade was redone by Salvatore Gandolfo, following a modernization project by Francesco Solimena. Every year, during the Christmas season, you can see inside the historical Neapolitan cribs. The plant is a Latin cross, with three naves and side chapels. The nave is characterized by a series of frescoes by Francesco Solimena depicting the St. Nicholas's life, Virtue and the Apostles (1696). On entry and behind the high altar, the two large paintings byPaolo De Matteis depicting St. Nicholas. The dome instead retains traces of frescoes by De Mura.

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