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Cimitero Monumentale di Poggioreale

Where Via San Maria del Pianto, 17, Napoli

Cemetery of Poggioreale is the main cemetery of the city of Naples and among the largest in Europe. The complex best known is the Monumental part, original nucleus of great historical and cultural value for the preciousness of the tombs, chapels and churches contained in it and for the famous "Square of Illustrious". The Monumental was designed in 1812 by Francesco Maresca and approved by Joachim Murat. Core of the complex is the vast quadrangle said Great Cloister, preceded by two smaller cloisters. The slopes of the hill alternate plants and groves in aristocratic tombs and temples, mostly in Doric style with elements of Egyptian style. Already in the design phase it is spotted on the southwestern boundary of an area for the burial of Eminent Personalities: today the area includes 157 monuments in seven islands (or flower beds) that, despite the wide diversity of styles and sizes, create a set very impressive and includes, among others, the tombs of Benedetto Croce and Enrico De Nicola. The group includes also the English Cemetery of Doganella and Jewish Cemeteries.

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