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Where posillipo, Napoli

Posillipo residential hilly district of the city of Naples, already appears in the sources of ancient Greeks. There are Roman ruins near the banks and near the highest point of the hill, where you can see the remains of the openings that ventilated the tunnel that led to the residence of Publio Vedio Pollione. There are also the remains of an amphitheater. At the tip of Cape Posillipo is Submerged Gaiola Park, in the waters surrounding the islets of Gaiola and the port of Marechiaro at the Bay of Trentaremi. Another important site is Imperial Villa of Pausilypon, where, among one of the best views of the Gulf, you can also admire the remains of imposing Theater and some representative rooms. A further reason for pride is represented by singular Mausoleum Schilizzi, one of the best Italian examples of Neoegizio architectural style, which now serves as a monument to the fallen of the two world wars.

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