Luogo - Park

Parco di Capodimonte

Where Via Miano, 4, Napoli

It covers an area of ​​134 hectares (1,340,000 m², or 1.340 km ²). It looks like a forest interspersed with extensive meadows, valleys dotted with small streams and areas rich in quarries, a typical feature of the hills in Naples.


It is accessed via three inputs: Small port, situated along Via Miano at the district Glad, Large door, placed at the beginning of Via Ponti Rossi and finally brings Bellaria, Via Miano always post, but further north, near the homonymous bridge.


The area adjacent to the Museo di Capodimonte is characterized by wide meadows with different plant species. In this area, as well as the Royal Palace, there are several buildings, built mainly in the 700: the Casino dei Principi, the so-called Palazzotti, the Royal Stables.


Beyond the door di Mezzo, internal access to the ancient hunting grounds of the King on the left side of the Casino dei Principi, you enter the forest itself, with five main avenues that have various junctions and branches, for a total number of more than 100 driveways and paths. The five paths begin in a large semi-circle in which there are twelve statues eighteenth century. In this part of the park, once used as a hunting reserve, there are several buildings, buildings, statues and fountains. The main ones are the Tower Building, the Royal Porcelain Factory, the Vaccheria, Casino Queen, the Fabricated Cataneo, the hermitage of the Capuchins (built in 1819) and the Church of San Gennaro Ferdinando Sanfelice.


Also this is from 1961, the Institute for Professional, Industry and Crafts Pottery and Porcelain "G. Caselli," who began work in the porcelain factory.

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