Università degli Studi di Napoli Parthenope: sede Museo Navale c

Museo Navale dell'Università Parthenope

VIA PETRARCA, 80, Napoli

The Naval Museum of the Parthenope University is a collection of ship models, nautical instruments and parts of ships, dating back to the founding of the University, which had inherited the collections from the pre-existing Naval Arsenals, located in the present-day gardens of via Acton, and from the Naval Cadet Academy. The collection’s main purpose was to give a tutorial to the theory lessons, building engineering and shipbuilding. The collection was enriched with new contributions, such as those of the Officine Partenopee and of the C. & TT. Pattison shipyards that offered the models of their "catalogue" for ship sales. During the war the collection suffered damages and losses. In the late forties the restoration of materials began. Later other finds were acquired, partly donated and partly purchased or built on the cheap. More recently it was also possible to combine didactic and laboratory models and tools existing inside the Naval Institute but which were not part of the collection.

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