Luogo - Museum

Museo Scientifico della Tecnologia e del Lavoro "Luigi Petriccione"

Where Corso San Giovanni a Teduccio, 887, Napoli

The museum displays collections of scientific instruments and enhances education and documentation. It is based on the first floor inside the building of IPIA Petriccione in Naples. The institute was founded by Royal Decree in 1885 under the patronage of Hon. L. Petriccione, an industrialist in the sector of wheat production. In 1885 it was an Evening School of Industrial Design Elements of Mechanics. In 1907 it was reorganised as the Royal School of Business in San Giovanni a Teduccio with Mechanical and Electrical departments. In 1917 it was changed into the Royal School for Arts and Trades Workers, in 1922 it changed its name to "Luigi Petriccione" by royal decree and in 1924 became the Royal School of Work Training with school - workshops for blacksmiths, repairmen, mechanical turners and electricians. In 1922 the present school building was inaugurated. In 1933 the workshops were converted into a Biennale Mechanical Technical School. After the II World War the school had its first transformation and in 1961 it was changed to the Public Professional Institute for Industry and Handicrafts with a complete detachment from the training school. In the ’70s and ’80s various postgraduate qualifications courses were implemented.

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