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Museo del Tesoro di San Gennaro

Where Via Duomo, 149/a, Napoli

the exhibition IL TESORO DI NAPOLI. I Capolavori del Museo di San Gennaro (Naples’s Treasure. Masterpieces from the Museum of Saint Januarius) contains a selection of the most important works donated to this Saint over seven centuries by Popes, Emperors, European Kings and the very devoted people of Naples, which have never been shown before outside the Parthenopean city. 

These works have a high artistic value: they were made, using a enormous amount of precious stones, by the most eminent goldsmiths of the time such as Michele Dato, author of the splendidNecklace of Saint Januarius and Matteo Treglia who created of the Mitre adorned with diamonds, emeralds, rubies; both masterpieces, together with many others, will be exceptionally displayed in the exhibition held in Palazzo Sciarra.

This exhibition proposes a critical-scientific approach to examining the Treasure, without overlooking the sensory echo aroused by the sight of its splendour and the historical references that surround its establishment.

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