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Museo del Mare di Napoli - Fondazione Thetys

Where Via di Pozzuoli, 5, Napoli

The Maritime Museum is currently housed in the premises of the Istituto Tecnico Nautico Duca degli Abruzzi of Naples, Via Pozzuoli, 5, in Bagnoli.

It is proposed to citizenship, such as the Sea Museum of Naples to fill a gap between science museums in the city, to promote the dissemination of culture and knowledge of the Sea, in order to allow better preservation of the cultural heritage maritime and boating in Naples.

The collections of the Museum of the Sea are the initial nucleus to attract other collections or goods by private individuals or entities ensuring a more efficient usability, protection and promotion of the territory, and respond to a growing demand for all those citizens who want to find their identity.

The Museum of the Sea is currently a unique testimony to the evolution of the Neapolitan navy of the last three centuries.

The initial nucleus of the Sea Museum dates back to 1904 the year in which the Royal Technical Institute, Duke of Abruzzi of Naples, who had a long and illustrious tradition in the field of teaching the art of navigation and knowledge of the marine environment, obtained the ' school autonomy in the historical Via Tarsia.

The Museum Of The Sea, for the value of its scientific and technical heritage, has been recognized (as of 21/12/1992) by Ministry of Tourism  as a Museum of regional interest.

It is a reality that justly proud with a more than a century legacy of excellence recognized at the Universal Exhibition in Brussels in 1910 and at the Universal Exhibition in Genoa in 1914.

In 1992, for the Colombiadi, has become accessible from the territory with opening hours to the public as a specialized structure inside the Nautical Institute, .

In 1997 it became a member of the Association of the Museums of the Sea of ​​the Mediterranean, sponsored by the Maritime Museum of Barcelona.

In 2007 it was constituted as Thetys Foundation - Museum of the Sea, acquiring, in December of the same year, the definition of Museum of regional interest.

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