Luogo - Museum

Museo degli Strumenti Astronomici

Where Salita Moiariello, 16, Napoli

The Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimonte is one of the 12 astronomical observatories that make up the INAF (Istituto Nazionale di AstroFisica), the Italian national institute for astronomical and astrophysical research from Earth and from space. Completed in 1819 under the reign of Ferdinand I of Bourbon, the observatory stands on the Miradois hill, close to the Bourbon Royal Palace at Capodimonte. The new exhibition spaces at the MuSA –Museo degli Strumenti Astronomici – house all the principal instruments in the historic collection and a large number of minor instruments and accessories. It is a fascinating journey through the more than two-hundred-year history of astronomy in Naples.

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