Luogo - Historical building

Real Albergo dei Poveri (o Palazzo Fuga)

Where Piazza Carlo III, 17, Napoli

The Real Hotel of the Poor (or Fuga Palace) is the main monumental building of Naples, one of the great eighteenth-century buildings in Europe. The architect Ferdinando Fuga was called to Naples in 1749 by King Charles III of Bourbon to design a giant "Hotel of the Poor", to accommodate the destitute masses. The work remained unfinished, so much so that his capacity (over 100.000 square meters) is only a fifth of the initial project. Despite the good intentions, the Hotel became a real prison. In 1838, the rooms were used for a School of Music; over the years, took turns on its premises a Rehabilitation Centre for Minors, a Court of Minor, a cinema, machine shops, the barracks of the Fire Department and the Civil State Archives. When the property was transferred to the City, in 1999, were started restorations. In its current form, the building covers 103.000 square meters, with a long facade punctuated by five rows of windows and three string courses with central gable. The interior is disposed around three courtyards: the central, St. Andrew's cross, had to be the plan of a great church; cthe ourtyards side, used as gardens, recreation areas with playgrounds.

Real Albergo dei Poveri c
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