Luogo - Archaeological Area

Parco archeologico sommerso di Gaiola

Where Discesa Gaiola, 27-28, Napoli

The Gaiola underwater park protected marine area, which is named after two small islands lying just a few metres off the coast of Posillipo, extends from the picturesque village of Marechiaro to the scenic Bay of Trentaremi. Established in 2002, its distinctiveness lies in its blend of volcanological, biological and historical/ archaeological features, and its setting in one of the most beautiful coastal landscapes in the Bay of Naples. The ruins of seaside villas, nymphaea and fishponds now lie at a depth of just a few metres as a result of the phenomenon of bradyseism. Visitors can explore the park from aboard the glass-bottom boat Aquavision, on snorkelling trails, or by scuba diving.

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