Luogo - Archaeological Area

Area archeologica del Complesso di San Lorenzo Maggiore

Where Piazza San Gaetano - via Tribunali, 316, Napoli

From the eighteenth-century cloister, a descent of some 15m allows visitors to access the remains of the old Roman market (macellum, 3rd century B.C. – 5th century A.D.). Museo dell’Opera di San Lorenzo: Roman pottery and earthenware are displayed,on the first floor, medieval and modern frescoes and sarcophagi are on the second and third floors. The fourth floor houses church ornaments, sacred garmentsof Pope Sixtus V, and figurine shepherds made in Naplesin the eighteenth century. Sala Capitolare: used by the Friars Minor Conventual to debate issues pertaining to the community, frescoed in the 1600s by Luigi Rodriguez di Messina. Sala Sisto V: built in the 13th century A.D. as the friars’ refectory, it later became the seat of parliament of the Kingdom of Naples in 1442.

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