Luogo - Castle

Castello Scaligero

Where Via Castello, 13, Lazise (Verona)

The most impressive building in Lazise is Scaligero Castle, with its City Wall that surrounds historic center. Castle was built during the domination of the lords of Verona Bartolomeo II and Antonio della Scala. In the walls that branch off from the castle were opened three doors, equipped with shutters and drawbridges: Porta Superiore, today commonly called Porta San Zeno, to the east; Porta Lion, with the emblem of Serenissima, to the south; Porta Nuova, built last, today commonly called Porta Cansignorio, to the north. Castle suffered injuries during the siege of Venetians of 1438, and then again in 1528, by the army of Charles V. Particularly impressive, Mastio del Castello in brick bricks, with a base two meters high and a crowning formed by a crenellated hanging structure, with machicolations. This defense element could be accessed from the patrol path by a small drawbridge. Castle still appears intact in a relief of 1756, but today has lost important elements. Castle is located inside the great nineteenth-century Romantic garden of Villa Buri-Bernini, built thanks to the work of Gian Battista Buri. Many original essences still survive today, such as Wellingtonia, Sequoia and two Magnolia specimens.

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