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Where Lazise (Verona)

Lazise, ​​located on the eastern shore of Garda Lake, in a position of landscape value, also has a significant historical and tourist importance: it counts on the presence of a thermal source in Colà, famous amusement parks (Canevaworld and Gardaland) and an extended hilly agricultural landscape. Of the country, under the domination of Eruli, then of Ostrogoths and finally of Lombards, there are only fragmentary and rather generic news. Among religious architecture, Church of San Nicolò, near Old Port, in Romanesque style (XII century); Church of SS. Zenone and Martino (1295); Church of SS. Fermo and Rustico, in open countryside (12th century); Church of the SS. Faustino and Giovita (twelfth century). In Old Port, Dogana Veneta, a building of great importance for the port of goods, today appears as a single stone room used as a convention center. Villa Pergolana stands on the spot where, in the sixteenth century, a monastery of Franciscan friars was founded. This palace is surrounded by a garden built with principles of symmetry that reaches the shore of Garda Lake. Villa Bottona, located just south of Lazise Castle, ​​is more like a medieval building, with a tower and battlements, it also has a remarkable garden with ancient trees. At Villa dei Cedri (XVIII-XIX centuries) there is a thermal park. The most imposing building in Lazise is Castle with City Wall that surrounds historic center. Regata delle Bisse, between July and August, is one of the most important traditional events in Lazise, ​​together with Festa dell'Ospite, in the same period, which includes typical tastings of the place, musical concerts and a final show with fireworks, and to ancient Sagra della Madonna della Neve.

Immagine descrittiva - CC BY-SA Di Alessandro Vecchi - Opera propria, CC BY-SA 3.0, c
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