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Museo Archeologico di Pithecusae - Villa Arbusto

Where Corso Angelo Rizzoli, 210, Lacco Ameno (Napoli)

Archeological Museum is located in the complex of Villa Arbusto. The main exhibits relate to the finds made in Pithecusa, Greek town built in the second quarter of the VIII century BC, excavated by Giorgio Buchner since 1952. Many of the vessels, including the most famous Nestor Cup, come from the necropolis of Valley Of San Montano, used in the second half of the VIII century BC for almost a thousand years. The famous cup can be counted as the first and oldest example of Greek writing, although it is a three-ply epigram engraved in auburn alphabet, probably concerning the vessel belonging to Nestor in Iliad. Other vessels dates back to nearby acropolis of Monte di Vico.

Coppa di Nestore c
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