Luogo - Castle

Castello Aragonese

Where Via Pontile Aragonese, Ischia (Napoli)

Aragonese Castle is a fortification that rises on a trachytic rock island on the eastern slope of Ischia Island, linked by a masonry bridge (Ischia Ponte). Castle is accessed by a tunnel excavated in the rock and wanted by Alfonso V of Aragon. The tunnel is 400 meters long and the route is illuminated by tall skylights that at times also served as "piombatoi" through which hot oil, stones and other materials were dropped on any enemies. The next stretch is a mule track that winds up in the open and leads up to the top of the island. From this road there are smaller trails that lead to various buildings and gardens. The construction of the first castle dates back to 474 BC, under the name of Castrum Gironis, in honor of its founder. The fortress was then occupied by Parthenopes and, in 315 BC, by Romans. In the following centuries it was transformed by Normans, Swabians and Angevins. Inside, there were real and those reserved for courtiers and servants; at the foot of the Castle, a room was used in the garrison district, which was responsible for the maneuvering of the drawbridge. Among annexed buildings: three churches, Convent and Cemetery of Clarisse and a Crypt. Castle is home to annual Music, Arts and Entertainment Festival.

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