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Torre di Michelangelo (o Torre di Guevara)

Where Via Nuova Cartaromana, Ischia (Napoli)

Michelangelo's Tower, also known as Guevara Tower and Sant'Anna Tower, for the presence of the church dedicated to the saint, is a turreted house built in the fifteenth century, probably by Don Giovanni De Guevara, a man of arms from Spain following Alfonso I of Aragon. The tower was therefore built not only for housing needs, but also to perform defense functions of the coast and the castle. It seems that in the sixteenth century Michelangelo Buonarroti has stayed there several times, bound by a secret love affair with the castellana Vittoria Colonna. The building, with a square plan, is articulated on three levels, with openings framed by volcanic stone that place the work in artistic context of Neapolitan Renaissance, as evidenced by the presence of Mannerist style frescoes and architectural concept of "garden house". Facing Aragonese Castle, the tower is not far from archaeological site of Sant'Anna rocks, which link the entire history of the bay to ancient colony (now submerged) of Aenaria (1st century BC - 4th century AC). The tower is currently used as a multi-purpose structure for art exhibitions and cultural events.

Immagine descrittiva - BY Di Dr.Conati Roberto De Martino - Opera propria, Pubblico dominio, c
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