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Laguna di Grado

Where laguna di grado, Grado (Gorizia)

Lagoon of Grado occupies an area of about 90 square kilometers and is divided into an eastern sector (Palù de sora) and a western one (Palù de soto) from the dam on which the road that connects Grado to the mainland winds. The origins of Lagoon are recent, until the fifth century, in fact, the mainland prevailed. Characteristic of  Lagoon is the presence of "casoni", simple houses with thatched roof and door oriented to the west used in the past by the fishermen. From naturalistic point of view, Llagoon is rich in arboreal essences (tamarisks, elms, poplars, junipers and pines); the fauna has a notable variety of birds (gulls, gray herons, mallards, sea swallows). Typical boat of the inhabitants is the batèla, flat bottom and maneuvered with oars.

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