Luogo - Archaeological Area

Foro romano di Aquileia

Where Via Giulia Augusta, Aquileia (Udine)

The Roman Forum is within walking distance from the complex of the Basilica. The large square was paved and surrounded by a portico raised by three steps, occupied by shops (tabernae) with tiled floors and mosaic panels. In the first half of the first century AD columns, with composite capitals, claimed an attic decorated with parapets with busts of Jupiter Ammon and Medusa, symbol of eastern and western borders of the empire. The southern side of the Forum was occupied by the Basilica, of which few traces remain, but it is clear divided into three naves by a series of columns, with the short sides concluded two apses. From a well in front of the Basilica it was recovered the bronze head of a golden statue of a man of high rank belonging to the sculptural decoration of the Forum, now exhibited at the National Archaeological Museum of the city.


Daily: 8:30 am to a hour before sunset.

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