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Porto fluviale (via Sacra) di Aquileia

Where via Gemina, Aquileia (Udine)

The River Port can be visited along a picturesque tree-lined pedestrian boulevard called "Via Sacra", created in 1934 after excavation and enhancement of the site. The street follows the course of the ancient river formed by the confluence of Natiso cum Turro. It is now visible on the western side of the docks of the port, the center of very active trade (in particular, with Alpine and Mediterranean countries, as Strabo informs us), whose monumental arrangement dates back to the end of the first century AD. The pier is formed by two piers, placed at different heights: the upper horizontal mooring preserves rings and protruding, the lower one, points of vertical landing and collected in the blocks. The facilities are in Istria stone, resistant to corrosion by salt water. Clearly they are showing the warehouses of goods and the initial stretch of paved roads that allowed to transport the products from the docks at the Forum, where they were sold. The port facilities also show traces of the dock accommodation for defensive purposes, on account of the invasion of Aquileia by Massimino il Trace in 238 AD.


Daily, from 8:30 am to a hour before sunset.

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