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Museo archeologico nazionale di Aquileia

Where Via Roma, 1, Aquileia (Udine)

The Museum, established in 1882 as "Imperial-Royal State Museum" under the patronage of Emperor Franz Joseph, is located in the Villa Cassis Pharaoh, built between 1812 and 1825; It welcomes the historical collections, received as a gift or purchased from the most illustrious families aquileiesi, supplemented by the results of research carried out between ' 800 and ' 900 mainly by its directors, Henry Maionica, Giovanni Battista Brusin and Luisa Bertacchi.
The exhibition, divided since the origin according to themes, dates in its current arrangement to 50 's of the last century: the materials are scanned for classes, starting with the statuesque (portraits, Tomb, sacred), to move to ceramics, glass, metals, gems, objects of ornament (ambre), reflecting the economic activities and the daily life of the city.
Do square galleries, initiated in the years ' 30 and extended in the years ' 50 of the ' 900, host registration and public monuments and grave and precious mosaics. New exhibition spaces were obtained in warehouses, with rooms dedicated to the via Annia, while a section is home to the boat found in Monfalcone in Lacus Timavi.

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