Luogo - Archaeological Area

Sepolcreto della c.d. via Annia

Where Via XXIV Maggio, Aquileia (Udine)

At the so-called Sepolcreto dell'Annia it can be visited five funerary enclosures. Thanks to their exceptional state of preservation, it can understand as it was structured a section of the Roman necropolis in the early centuries of the empire: the burial areas were divided into lots of different sizes, with a background wall constantly referring to their advance planning. From the architectural point of view, it can see the rich decorations of the railings of fences (in one case a small pillars with vegetable reliefs) and especially the sumptuous funerary monuments (replicas of the original kept at the National Archaeological Museum of Aquileia) commissioned by the owner still alive such as socioeconomic status. Numerous burials are in limestone sarcophagi, which are modern in setting raised through support to make the idea of the different levels of use of the fence, as flooded from groundwater and involved in a series of Earth.

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