Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa di San Biagio

Where Via San Biagio, Comiso (Ragusa)

The cult of St. Biagio in Comiso is the oldest and is linked to the presence of a Byzantine community. In 1500 work began for the construction of a Church dedicated to the Saint, built on the ruins of an existing church of the third century, in turn incorporated into the original structure of a Romanesque church. After the earthquake of 1693, it proceeded to the reconstruction of the Church with a single nave. The building is preceded by an impressive staircase. On the facade, made of local stone, it opens a portal of entry of the second half of the eighteenth century. Completing the exterior bell tower decorated with terracotta glazed and a statue of the Saint holder (1736). Among the works inside, two paintings by Pietro Novelli and the decoration of the vault with scenes from the Saint's life, works by Gaetano Di Stefano di Chiaramonte and Giuseppe La Leta.

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