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Castello dei Naselli d'Aragona (o Palazzo del Conte)

Where Via Giacomo Matteotti, 21, Comiso (Ragusa)

The Castle already appeared in some documents of the XIII-XIV century. Around 1392 the property passed from Federico Speciaro to Cabrera Counts, while in 1453 it was sold to Periconio Naselli. Since then the Castle was the permanent residence of the family until 1693, when the earthquake had destroyed much of the structure, with the exception of the tower. Work to restore it continued until the early eighteenth century, but the transformation mansion was when he came to visit the Viceroy Cristoforo Fernandez de Cordova. In the east we find the oldest part: a baptistery dedicated to St. Gregory the Great, with the remains of frescoes dating from the Byzantine period the year one thousand. Octagonal baptistery becomes cylindrical at the top, completed by an elegant dome. The northern part of the Castle is characterized by a mullioned serliana window, better known as the Loggia, which recalls the style of the sixteenth century and has walls painted with landscapes and birds in flight.

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