Luogo - Historical building

Palazzo Municipale

Where Piazza Fonte Diana, 21, Comiso (Ragusa)

Current City Hall was built around 1875 by architect Sacconi. During excavations for the execution of the work, they found the remains of the Roman thermae of the Imperial era. The facade is an example of Umbertino style: harmonious line pilasters with Ionic and Corinthian capitals, symmetry of windows and balconies with balustrades bordered by columns resting on plinths and topped with triangular and circular gables. The prospectus is topped by a large tympanum on which is placed a clock with floral ornaments. Large entrance leads to a bright interior staircase, work by architect Fianchini. On the representation ground are the Mayor's Office and the Aassembly Room, whose walls stand out the portraits of some politicians and famous men of Comiso.

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