Luogo - Religious building

Duomo di Santa Maria delle Stelle

Where Via Monsignor Rimmaudo, Comiso (Ragusa)

The Cathedral was built in the late nineteenth century. Largely destroyed by the disastrous earthquake of 1693, it was quickly rebuilt with the help of Count Baldassarre IV Naselli. Among the local workers who took turns, the sculptor Emanuele Lucenti, who worked in the notch of the moldings. The project was completed later by the architects Mariano Battaglia and Giovanni Galeoto, who designed the dome in Neo-Gothic style, in 1894. The facade was completed in 1936 with the construction of the top and the bell tower by Santoro secolo. The interior presents various works of art and fifteen altars distributed symmetrically. The wooden ceiling is the work of the painter Messina Antonino Alberti, said "the Barbalonga", realized in the first half of the seventeenth century; the altar in polychrome marble and lapislazuli is of seventeenth century. Among the paintings, the "Birth of Mary" (1698) attributed to Carlo Maratta, on the high altar. Also of interest is the cash organarica of eighteenth century attributed to the Neapolitan Donato Del Piano.

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