Luogo - Monument

Abbazia di Pomposa e Museo Pomposiano

Where Via Pomposa Centro, 12, Codigoro (Ferrara)
The Pomposa Abbey was built around the seventh century along the Romea Road, between Venice and Ravenna. During the eleventh century, it reached its peak in economic, cultural and spiritual expansion, to which both the atrium of the church, characterized by the simple architecture decorated with strips of terracotta and cornices around, and the bell tower (1063) belonged. The Abbey experienced an inexorable decline, which culminated in the abandonment by the monks in the seventeenth century, but the fourteenth century shows evidence of great quality: the frescoes of the Church, started in 1351 by Vitale da Bologna, the Chapter House (dell'Aula Capitolare) (by 1310), the works in the Refectory attributed to Pietro da Rimini (1320 ca.). The story is summarized in the Abbey Museum, which holds an interesting collection of artifacts and art works from the sixth to the nineteenth century.

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