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Museo della corte

Where VIA CA' CAPPELLO, SNC, Porto Viro (Rovigo)

The Museum is located in two farm houses of 19th century, situated on the sides of an entrance gate leading to the Court. The building on the left hosts the ethnographic section, with the reconstruction of a farm house with a tavern attached. The building on the right hosts the naturalistic section and the history of Cappello's Court.
The Museum is still new, it is growing thank to the villagers' contribution, they make it more and more complete with objects and with their experiences of life. Some typical environments of the farmers from Polesine have been rebuilt in the ethnographic section: on the ground floor there are a country tavern of the 1950s and the kitchen with its characteristic fireplace; on the mezzanine there are the bedroom and the loft with children's toys and various objects of every day. On the walls there are lots of photographs showing some crafts of last century, most of which are now disappeared.
In the entrance hall of the naturalistic section, there are, first of all, some boards that show the history of the Court: formation of the land, first villages, installation of the noble Venetian family Cappello, the court evolution. In the same room the visitor is introduced to the world of birds by some boards that show their general characteristics and a big reconstruction of a Pterosaur (a reptile with wingspan of about 8 meters, that lived 70-100 million years ago. It represents an attempt to conquer the air). In the following rooms samples of more than 100 species of birds are put in an order that highlights the evolutionary aspect (there are: Anatidae, Charadriidae, Laridae, Scolopacidae, Rallidae, Phalacrocoracidae, Ardeidae, Phasianidae, Accipitidrae, Falconidae, Columbidae, Cuculidae, Strigidae, Alcedinidae, Meropidae, Upupidae, Picidae, Passeriformes, etc.). For every family there is a synthetic description and for every sample there are the common name and the scientific name.
In the second room a "coegia" has been set: it is the reproduction of a typical shelter of cane built by the hunters in the lagoons of the Po Delta.

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