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Septem Maria Museum

Where VIA CAPITELLO, 11, Adria (Rovigo)

The Museum is in the engine room of Amolara dewatering plant, a neoclassical building designed by Cesare De Lotto in 1853 for the "drainage of the Consortium Campagna Vecchia Inferiore by means of steam dewatering pump"

When the dewatering plant closed down in 1922, there was an unavoidable decay until 1997, when  Giuseppe Marangoni, the director of the Turismo & Cultura Cooperative, proposed the re-use of the building to the Consortium of Reclamation Work Polesine Adige- Canalbianco. The building was transformed into a multipurpose centre  that hosts the Museum of water history and civilization, a laboratory for naturalistic engineering research, a congress centre, a tourist information office and the Hostel of Amolara, to welcome the visitors of Adria and of the Natural Park of the Po Delta.


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