Luogo - Museum

Centro turistico culturale San Basilio

Where VIA SAN BASILIO, 12, Taglio di Po (Rovigo)

It covers an area of 523 square meters and houses inside the most significant finds from those found during various excavations conducted in the late 70s and late 80s. The archaeological section, preceded by a geomorphological section with the main transformations of the territory over the centuries, is characterized by large panels introduttivie and the "Remembrance Path". The building, rectangular in plant, is developed in a unique environment around a central atrium, covered by a glass wall, the center of which are exposed stone artifacts from the Roman era, among them the body of a large marble sarcophagus. Next, there are five windows with a selection of exhibits from pre-Roman and Roman periods, and two galleries dedicated to numismatics, the first of which shows a series of bronze Roman coins found at St. Basil between 1976 and 1980.

centro culturale c
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