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Museo civico di Argenta

Where Via G.B. Aleotti, 46, Argenta (Ferrara)

The Civic Museum was reopened to the public after major construction of the former St. Dominic's Church. The first core was formed here in 1973 with paintings, pottery and sculptures displayed along the chapels. The paintings, about twenty, comes in part from the initial collection of the gallery, through the intervention of the mayor Giuseppe Vandini that, in 1869, gathered in the town hall the most valuable works of the argentane churches. The collection provides a documentation of the artistic life of the area between the sixteenth and seventeenth century, where cross figurative Ferrara experiences. Deserve signaling the "Madonna and Child with Saints Lazarus and Job" by Garofalo, "The Virgin Enthroned", by Antonio Aleotti, "The Lady with the Saints Peter and Paul" by Francesco Longhi, the "Scarsellino Beheading" and " The earthquake of Argenta", Camillo Ricci, besides the works of Marco Niccolò Balestri, Dulauvier and Domenico Fetti. At the center of the nave there is the archaeological section with finds from excavations carried out from 1982 to 1993, documenting the history of the area from the sixth century AD, the period to which it refers the precious mosaic floor discovered in the apse of nearby Ravenna St. George's Church. From the same location, a buckle in Ostrogothic eagle's head, a number of objects in glass and metals and coins from the mint of Venice of the twelfth century. Just after the materials recovered in the settlement of Palmanova: containers commonly used, plus a network of weight in lead and a bronze buckle.

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