Luogo - Museum

Ecomuseo: Museo delle Valli di Argenta

Where Via Cardinala, 1/c - loc. Campotto, Argenta (Ferrara)

Didactic Museum that outlining the features of the natural environment of the area of the Valleys of Argenta and Campotto, through the analysis of their evolution over time, highlighting the relationships between man, nature and environment. The visit offers a path of knowledge of the four habitats that characterize the landscape: the lamineto, the reeds, the hydric wood and wet meadow. The Museum is accompanied by a historical section that summarizes the attempts to reclaim, from Roman times to the mechanical means. Another section is devoted to past traditions and old crafts; the "Room of the Senses" invites visitors to a sensory approach, through the reproduction of sounds and scents of the Valley.

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