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Natura - Museo Ravennate di Scienze Naturali "Alfredo Brandolini"

Where Via Rivaletto, 25 - loc. Sant'Alberto, Ravenna

The museum was opened in 1970 following the acquisition by the City of Ravenna donation Brandolini, Ravenna naturalist of the early '900. The exhibition, which since 2003 is housed on the first floor of the sixteenth Palazzone of St. Albert, old tavern Este, has formed around an initial nucleus consists of a valuable collection of birds characterized by local avifauna largely the province of Ravenna and Romagna. Symbol of the museum is the robin, the first of which was embalmed by Brandolini in 1906 Over the years the collection has been enriched with examples of international spread. In addition to the ornithological collections in the museum are preserved nuclei other collectable received through donations or acquisitions, one can observe in fact entomological collections to which they are added collections of eggs and nests, collections of reptiles, mammals, and even exotic shells. There is also a provision of minerals and one ethnographic legacy of naturalists in the area. The museum is the visitor center of the Parco del Delta del Po, the starting point for excursions in the area.

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