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Piccolo Museo di Bambole e altri Balocchi

Where Via Marco Fantuzzi, 4, Ravenna

The museum, housed in some of the rooms of the Palazzo Murat Rasponi, exhibits a collection of dolls and toys from different eras. You can admire porcelain dolls, cloth, celluloid, papier-mâché, but also small rooms, small shops and kitchens complete with plates, pans and cups. There is no shortage buildings, stuffed animals, horses and a section devoted to dolls made ​​by hand from various parts of the world. A section of the museum, and then tells the world of education through the exhibition of some books, notebooks, canes, pens and inkwells, and another space is occupied by the vintage clothing for children and babies. The museum does not want to be just a nostalgic trip into the past, but a comparison with the ways of living and playing in various epoche.Fondato in 2006, the small museum of dolls stems from the desire of its founder, Graziella Gardini Pasini, to share his private collection of dolls and toys, collected over decades. In the museum you can admire porcelain dolls, cloth, celluloid, paper and other toys, between the mid-nineteenth to the middle of the next century. In mounting the dolls were placed in a suitable environment in miniature. In this regard there are bedrooms, kitchens, rooms full of furniture of all kinds, real 'doll houses'. In the museum there are some important pieces of brands that have made the history of the doll, as Jumeau, Armand Marseille, Lenci, Kathe Kruse, Furga, Turtle, Minerva and a small collection of Kewpie. It should be noted that, in the small shop located at the entrance of the museum, you can buy, in addition to the catalog, including publications and gadgets.

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