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Museo del Risorgimento

Where Via Baccarini, 3 (c/o ex Chiesa di San Romualdo), Ravenna

The collection, now reorganized the former church of San Romualdo, was born from the desire to document the big and heartfelt sympathy, admiration and devotion of the people of Ravenna to the patriotic battles, but also for carrying out a task of political education in the new national identity. The Ravenna who had participated in the riots, wars of independence, as well as to the events of Garibaldi made ​​a gift to the municipal administration of memories in their possession, they were weapons, uniforms, accoutrements, graphic works and paintings or letters and personal documents, all testimonials heard of popular participation, to which were added over time records, mostly on paper, collected by those "guardians" of the documentary memoirs of Ravenna, which was the first Prime Uccellini and Silvio Bernicoli poi.E 'was set up in 1997 with the relics of the Risorgimento Ravenna presented exposure Romagna region in 1904, for most documents, notices, letters, drawings and prints originally used only for important celebrations, as in the case of the 50th anniversary (1932) of Garibaldi's death and the centenary of 'annexation to Piedmont (1959). Today's order is therefore the first, stable arrangement of the collection, supplemented by the opening of a section dedicated to "Garibaldi and Ravenna - between Myth and History" (1848-1849) in which are kept the arms and mantle of the Hero of both worlds, the alleged boots Anita, the stool used by Pius IX.

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