Luogo - Religious building

Battistero degli Ariani (Sito UNESCO)

Where Piazzetta degli Ariani, Ravenna

Arian Baptistery was built at the time of Theodoric, king of Ostrogoth, since the end of the fifth century. It was the baptism of ancient Arian cathedral, now called Church of Holy Spirit. Since 1996, the Baptistery has been listed on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, inside serial site "Early Christian Monuments of Ravenna". Externally it looks like a building in octagonal brickwork. Inside, the presence of the baptismal bathtub is remembered today only by a marble slab. The dome is completely decorated with mosaic: in the center there is a representation of the Baptism of Christ with John the Baptist, the personification of Jordan River and the dove of Holy Spirit. It is possible that Aryan bishops wanted to express their doctrine with two symbols in the representation: Christ goes to the east and the dove's dove or sanctifies.

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