Mausoleo di Galla Placidia (Sito UNESCO)

Via Galla Placidia, 6-10, Ravenna

Galla Placida's Mausoleum, first half of the fifth century, located not far from the St. Vitale's Basilica. Its identification with a funeral building and her...

Religious building

Basilica di San Francesco

Largo Firenze, 9, Ravenna

Saint Francis's Basilica stands in the place of an older church, built shortly after the 450 by the Bishop Neone. The building of the fifth century was demolished...


Centro Dantesco dei Frati Minori Conventuali

Via Dante, 4, Ravenna

Located in the former convent of San Francesco along with Dante Museum, the collection is open to the public for the first time in 1990 after major restoration of the...

Religious building

Battistero Neoniano (o degli Ortodossi) - Sito UNESCO

Piazza Duomo, Ravenna

Neonian Baptistery (also known as Orthodox) dates back to the 5th century and is named after Bishop Neone, who continued its construction after his predecessor Orso....


Museo Arcivescovile di Ravenna

Piazza Arcivescovado, 1, Ravenna

Re-opened in 2010 in a renovated exhibition arrangement, after a long and complex restoration, the Museum is located inside the factories connected with the Bishop's,...


Museo d'Arte della Città

Via di Roma, 13, Ravenna

The Art Museum of the city of Ravenna is located within the Loggia Lombardesca, the cloister of the Abbey of Santa Maria in Porto built in the early years of the...


Teatro Dante Alighieri

Piazza G.Garibaldi, 4, Ravenna

The city of Ravenna has a long tradition of theater and music, being far from the goal 'of the sixteenth century equipped with rooms used permanently, or for the...


Biblioteca Classense

via Baccarini, 3, Ravenna

The origins of the Library Classense date back to the second decade of the sixteenth century, when, after the battle of Ravenna in 1512, the Camaldolese left the...


Museo del Risorgimento

Via Baccarini, 3 (c/o ex Chiesa di San Romualdo), Ravenna

The collection, now reorganized the former church of San Romualdo, was born from the desire to document the big and heartfelt sympathy, admiration and devotion of the...


Museo nazionale di Ravenna

Via San Vitale, 17, Ravenna

The National Museum of Ravenna, established in 1885, was housed in the prestigious setting of the former Benedictine Monastery of San Vitale, in the early twentieth...

Archaeological Area

Domus dei Tappeti di Pietra

Via Barbiani (c/o Chiesa di Sant'Eufemia), Ravenna

An extraordinary archaeological complex, among the most important Italian sites discovered in recent decades, which underlines once more the greatness of Ravenna....


Piccolo Museo di Bambole e altri Balocchi

Via Marco Fantuzzi, 4, Ravenna

The museum, housed in some of the rooms of the Palazzo Murat Rasponi, exhibits a collection of dolls and toys from different eras. You can admire porcelain dolls,...