Luogo - Monument

Mausoleo di Galla Placidia (Sito UNESCO)

Where Via Galla Placidia, 6-10, Ravenna

Galla Placida's Mausoleum, first half of the fifth century, located not far from the St. Vitale's Basilica. Its identification with a funeral building and her client, the Empress Galla Placida, are widespread in the academic environment, but there is no certainty of either. The Mausoleum is entered, since 1996, the list of Italian "World Heritage" UNESCO sites and the in the museum circuit "Early Christian Monuments of Ravenna". The plant of the small building has a Latin irregular cross. The exterior has a facing brick with the dome concealed by a lantern with a square base that leans on a roof with two slopes. The interior is decorated with a series of mosaics of the oldest in the city, dated in the early fifth century: the central dome, flanked on either side by four lunettes, is dominated by the Cross once stars of decreasing size upwards, on a blue background, according to the typical Medieval model; lunettes have pairs of Apostles. In the lunette above the entrance is a depiction of the Good Shepherd, while the opposite depicts St. Lawrence on the grill.

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