Luogo - Museum

Museo del modellismo storico

Where Via S. Leo, 9/a, Voghiera (Ferrara)

Established in 1983, it is housed at the former elementary school of Voghenza. By the hands of collectors and local enthusiasts, there were organized the materials collected, among the most comprehensive in the world, through rooms dedicated to civilian and military aircraft and vessels, uniformology, toy soldiers and costume studies. It houses also a large model railway and the largest car collection record visible to the public. The tour opens on the ground floor with a remarkable collection of specimens of the model car. Lead soldiers of different types feature a section dedicated to military organization, by the ancient Egyptians to the Second World War. Of particular interest, the number of Este hosts and the reconstruction of the Battle of Polesella (1509). The path continues on the upper floor, with collections which different: an environment set up as a guard tower houses a model of the Walls of Ferrara of the fifteenth century; models of boats from all eras, heavy vehicles and fighter planes.

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