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Museo di Casa Romei

Where Via Savonarola, 28-30, Ferrara
Casa Romei was built by the merchant, Giovanni Romei around the mid fifteenth century, and it was decorated on the occasion of his wedding to Polissena d'Este. The courtyard was in the late Gothic style and this together with the floral decorations, the Hall of the Sibille and the Prophets as well as  the"Studiolo" constitute the core style unique to Ferrara. During the time that the house formed part of the complex of Corpus Domini, the ceilings of the rooms on the first floor (XVI century), were decorated with grotesques that adorn the façades. The property was acquired by the State in 1898. Casa Romei became a veritable museum in 1953 and received collections of frescoes, statues and lapidaries from city buildings.
Ferrara, Museo di Casa Romei c
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