Luogo - Historical building

Palazzo Municipale (Comunale o Ducale)

Where Piazza del Municipio, 1, Ferrara

It was ducal residence of Este family until the sixteenth century, when the court moved to nearby Estense Castle. Today it houses Municipality of Ferrara. Original core of the building was started in 1245 and assumed its present size between 1472 and 1481. The main entrance, placed in front of Cathedral and called "Face of Horse", is flanked by equestrian statue of Marquis Niccolò III and that of Duke Borso d'Este, holding the scepter. Earthquakes and military occupations led to considerable changes over the centuries: between 1924-1928 the facade was rebuilt in neo-Medieval style while the rest had already been remodeled in 1738. The facade in front of Cathedral and Tower of Victory they were designed by engineer Carlo Savonuzzi. Interestingly, on the north side, the so-called "Covered Street", a walkway protected out of five arches connecting Palace to Castle. Near the access to this street Alfonso I d'Este he obtained the famous "Camerini of Alabaster". Ducal Coutyard, current Town Hall Square, home marble facing of the windows of Este apartments and Grand Staircase (1481) designed by Pietro Benvenuto.

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