Luogo - Religious building

Cattedrale di San Giorgio (Duomo di Ferrara)

Where Piazza della Cattedrale, Ferrara

Cathedral was built in twelfth century. Romanesque style of initial project is evidenced by the facade. Between 1451 and 1493 it was erected the bell tower designed by Leon Battista Alberti, but was never finished and is still devoid of the intended closure cusp. The facade is made of white marble with three cusps, with loggias, arches, rose windows, statues and numerous bas-reliefs. In the central part stands out the porch, supported by lions and topped by a loggia-poster with the statue of Madonna and Child and a Judgement of French-Gothic influence. Bottom, above the central door, two works by sculptor Nicholaus. The interior, in Baroque style, has three naves with a transept threefold. At the center stands the main altar. To the left there is the tomb of Pope Urban III (died in Ferrara in 1187). In the side chapels there are Madonna Enthroned with Saints by Garofalo, Coronation of the Virgin and Saints by Francesco Francia and Virgin in Glory with Saints Barbara and Catherine by Bastianino (XVI century), who also painted the apse with the fresco of Last Judgement (1577-1581).

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