Luogo - Religious building

Basilica di San Giorgio Fuori le Mura

Where Piazzale S. Giorgio, 29, Ferrara

It was the first basilica in the city, built on the right bank of Po of Volano, where ancient Ferrara had been built and developed. Also called "Monastero di San Giorgio degli Olivetani", the church was built in the eighth century. The bell tower was restored by Biagio Rossetti and today houses the tomb of Cosmè Tura. The exterior is predominantly Renaissance style; the facade, however, is in a sober Baroque style. The interior has a basilica plant, with three aisles covered with a cruise liner and separated by two rows of six-string arches resting on marble columns, each of which ends with a semicircular apse. From the church come Polittico Roverella, now partially dispersed and dismembered in numerous museums, and the rounds with Judgment and Martyrdom of Saint Maurelio in National Picture Gallery of Ferrara.

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