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Museo della Battaglia del Senio

Where Piazza Resistenza, 2, Alfonsine (Ravenna)

The Museum is housed inside the Multipurpose Cultural Centre, along with the Municipal Library and Historical Institute of the Resistance and the Contemporary in the Province of Ravenna. Founded in 1981 to collect and preserve memories and documents on the events of the years 1944-45 in Romagna, it aims to commemorate the liberation of Alfonsien thank's to the combat group "Cremona". The path, organized by topic relating to the passage of the Allied Armies and the Romagna Resistance, is complemented by a photographic archive documenting the changes of the territory and the living conditions of the population during the war. In the courtyard it can see a copy of "Bailey bridge", used by the British in the valleys areas and  still used in civil engineering. The Museum's main sections include weapons, uniforms, flags, military tools, materials of propaganda, historical cartography. A screening room allows it to watch the audiovisual material of the Film Library, which houses original documents and 'fiction'. In 2006 it was transferred here the Permanent resistence Collection.

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