Luogo - Museum

Museo etnografico "Sguri"

Where Via degli Orsini, 4, Ravenna

The Museum of Arts and Crafts Romano Segurini has collected more than 2,000 old tools and utensils used by the farmer and craftsmanship typical of our countryside and our towns. The material is placed in a country house dating back to the nineteenth century, consisting of house, stable, barn, large houses, silos, bathroom and two huts of reeds (Capan and Capana), reconstructed by the Master of the ax ALVARO AGOSTINI now over eighty years. The farmhouse, which was part of the vast estates of the accounts Rasponi, then the Counts Guidi, of Brocchi is now owned by the family Segurini Sgurèn is located behind the building Savarna Brocchi.

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