Luogo - Archaeological Area

Villa romana di Russi

Where Via Fiumazzo, Russi (Ravenna)
The Rustic Villa of Russi was at its most magnificent in every aspect between the first and second century. A.D. when the complex was completely renovated, by an owner who probably became rich by selling agricultural surpluses to the Roman military fleet, who at the time of Augustus, was based in Ravenna. The villa was managed by a freedman who had the task of procurator, and who commanded the large number of slaves needed for plowing, sowing and reaping the grain, the pruning of the vines and harvesting and crushing grapes. The dominus lived in the house occasionally, but his accommodation was nevertheless luxurious with a dining room (triclinium), a receiving room (tablinum), thermal baths and mosaic floors. The complex has two warehouses, one connected to the section where wine was made and the other where grain was stored. After a period of decline which coincided with the time of the departure of the military fleet, the villa was partially reoccupied by the imperial court when they transferred to Ravenna, which became the capital in 401 AD. The villa was then definitively abandoned in the early Middle Ages and already at the end seventh century, the area resembled a wasteland.


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