Luogo - Religious building

Basilica di San Vitale (Sito UNESCO)

Where Via San Vitale, 17, Ravenna

The Basilica of San Vitale is one of the most famous and important places of Catholic worship in Ravenna, a masterpiece of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, inside the serial site "Early Christian Monuments of Ravenna". The construction was begun by Bishop Ecclesio around 530, after the death of Theodoric, and completed in 547 by his successor. Each face is connected to adjacent one by means of buttresses and, in turn, subdivided into sectors by means of skirting and a thin frame. The plant is formed by an octagonal two-storey porch that encloses a central environment of the same design, placed in a golden ratio. Focal point of mosaic decoration is located in the presbytery area. Famous are the mosaics placed within two panels under the lower order lunettes in a mirrored position, with the procession of Emperor Giustiniano and his wife Teodora. The decoration of San Vitale shows all typical synthesis of Justinian period.

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