Luogo - Museum

Ecomuseo: Museo della bonifica di Argenta

Where Via Saiarino, 1 - loc. Campotto, Argenta (Ferrara)

The Museum represents a milestone for the knowledge of the territory, strongly tied to reclamation. The visit includes an exhibition of Saiarino scooping plant and sewer emissary that illustrates, through the artifacts and a description of how they work, the history of interventions to drain the area of Argenta. The archaeological path  includes the discover of the machines used for reclamation (excavators, presses, wheelbarrows, pile drivers), the channels and the delivery tank to the large pump room, where you can admire six scooping imposing, Art Nouveau originating of 1925, and still operating perfectly. The visit is complete with the rooms of the power plant, where visitors are invited to understand the operation of the plant for the production of electricity, and the screening of a historian film.

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